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Scalable Solutions

At Dunwoody Consulting we scale our solutions to meet the requirements of each client and project.  Our model enables us to respond quickly, efficiently and economically.  Below is a brief overview of our services.  Please feel free to contact us to learn more.  

Core Competencies

  • Books, eBooks and Book Chapters
  • Presentations
  • Journal Manuscripts
  • Clinical and Scientific Monographs
  • Newletters/Brochures
  • Video Capture/Editing
  • Web Site/Mobile Development
  • Graphics/Illustrations/Photography
  • Event Planning and Promotion

"I truly admire my remarkable colleague and developmental editor, Shireen Dunwoody, for her immense talent, scintillating intellect and seemingly limitless energy.  In addition to helping authors develop articles and chapters, one can now "self-publish" a book with the help of Shireen and her team at Dunwoody Consulting.  They have done an excellent job on my book, and I am very grateful."

- Gary Burget, MD, Author of Aesthetic Reconstruction of the Child's Nose

"Shireen Dunwoody is worthy of saintly designation.  She works with unusual enthusiasm, energy and dedication.  Shireen is an expert at the art of gentle persuasion and without her assistance my publication would not have have been possible."

​- John E. Niederhuber, MD, Former Chairman of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine and Director of the National Cancer Institute

"Without the dedication and brilliance of Shireen Dunwoody in bringing out the best in the editors, publishers, authors and artists, Plastic Surgery would not have the quality and completeness it possesses."

- Stephen J. Mathes, MD, Editor, Plastic Surgery


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